And then, the other side, we get these feelings and we think then that we’re insufficient, and we don’t want to do it; but then if we just listen to the call of God, that’s the very thing that God wants us to get into, that kind of a shape so He can.
When we are insufficient ourselves, then we are subjects to yield to God’s Spirit. As long as we think that we can do it, then we can’t do it. But when we get to a place where we know we can’t do it, then we yield ourself to God and He does it. So then if it’s us trying to do it we’ll fail, but if we’ll just yield ourself to God then God can’t fail. There’s only one thing that God cannot do, and that’s fail. He can do anything else but fail. But He cannot fail.
So as long as we’re trying in ourselves and depending on our own abilities, and so forth, why, we’ll do nothing. But when we get to a place where we know we’re nothing, then God can use us.

56       The important thing, one of the important things that we must master… Now, remember this, and especially you young preachers, and lay members alike. There’s one thing that we’ve got to master if we expect to fulfill God’s desire in our life; that is, we have to master the thought of human ability. If we ever get to a spot where we think that we can do it with our own intelligence and our own abilities, we’ve got to master that in such a way that we can get rid of the thing and lay it aside so that God can use us. That’s right.

57       And make a complete surrender. We cannot use one ability. We’ve got to make a complete surrender. And to come to God, you’ve got to surrender to Him both soul, body, and spirit. Everything that you are has to be surrendered to God in order that He can work His will in you and in me.
Now, that’s hard; I know; ’cause we’re always wanting to put our part in, something that we know, you know, that we want to do it. We say, "Well, I–I just know it should be done this way." But as long as you’re doing it that way it’s going to be wrong, and God will never use that effort. Maybe with the help of the Lord we’re going to get into that in a few minutes and just show you how God cannot use your ability.

59       That’s what’s the matter with the world today: there’s too much seminary experiences too much placed upon education, too much placed upon relationship or fellowships in denomination; we rest on one another; we rest upon men with ability.
The Bible said, "How can you have faith when you–when you are…" Let’s see, how is that Scripture? "How can you have faith when you’re preferring one another?"
When we are expecting, saying, "This guy, he’s a great person. This is a great person; I’ll just lean upon him," that displeases God when you do that. We must lean upon God and God alone. We mustn’t trust the ability of ourselves or any man. We must completely yield to God.

62       No ability, I don’t care whose it is, will never be usable in the sight of God. God has to get all of our abilities out of us before He can achieve His purpose. If He’s got something for us to do, and as long as we feel that we’re doing a pretty good job out of it, then we’ll never be able to be used of God.
Now, you say, "You’re making an awful broad statement there, Brother Branham." And that–that is a broad one, but just look around and find out if whether it’s right or not.
Look around today at all of our great achievement we think we’ve done, and where is Christianity in United States? Look at all of our churches and denominations, and our evangelists and healing campaigns, and everything else we’ve had, and what is it? Worse than it ever was in the beginning. It’s worse off today than it ever was, because that we have tried to do it in human ability.
They gather together and make long prayers and go out here. And how the other day where they had so many, a hundred and fifty thousand, or something like that, gathered together, both Protestant and Catholic, say some prayers, and pray some prayers, and make some prayers, and so forth. That just might as well not have gathered; it’s not worth nothing in the sight of God.
Now, if I get critical, forgive me. See? But I–I’ve… You’ve got to drive the thing down. See? You’ve got to make it hit the nail.