And we find on down a little farther in our lesson, that many of those were overthrowed because they could do all the rituals, and all the orders and everything that God required, and still their hearts wasn’t right with God.
Now, we can do many things. We can take communion. We could be baptized. We can–we can come to church, have our names on the book, or be just as respect and reverent as we can be, and still be lost. That’s a solemn warning. We could be just as–just rejoice, when the Spirit would fall. And in a meeting where the Word was being preached, and our souls would just rejoice with the Word, and still be lost. The rain falls on the just and the unjust. The same rain that makes the wheat grow, makes the weed grow. It’s the nature of the product. See? It’s the nature of it that tells what we are. Therefore, it’s the nature that’s in us that tells what we are. See?
Not we might be so religious till we wouldn’t turn our hands on Sunday to do a thing. We might not even take a stitch in our clothes on Sunday. We might not even feel justified to buy food on Sunday. And we might be so religious and so pious. But yet if we are not literally borned again of the Spirit of God, we’re just worshipping in vain. So now, it’s pretty stiff, and we want to really find it and know the truth; because remember, we’re not going to get a second chance at this. It’s just this one time. So you’d better be real sure.


E-20       Notice. They all took communion. That life that was in… We know that it was a natural process, because it was little frost-like that rained from heaven, little wafers with honey on them. See? The wafer was just a little like a cracker, a little cookie, and had honey over the top of it. And they all were partakers of that. Every one passed through the Red Sea and was baptized through the cloud and through the sea unto Moses. Following his instructions of God’s servant, they were all baptized unto Him. They were all followers as we are today, led by the Holy Spirit, the great Instructor of the Christian Church. We are led through to water baptism. And he said, "They all taken of the same manna." The… What did it do? That manna fell for Korah and for his group, just the same as it did for Moses, Caleb, and Joshua. They were all mixed together, all partakers of baptism, all partakers of membership, all partakers of confession, and now all partakers of the communion.
Do you get it? Look at that solemn warning. And Tabernacle folks, get that way down deep. Remember, it’s your eternal destination hangs right there. Don’t just pass it by like the little flutter or something. This is something we must come respective to. It’s something that means whether we live hereafter or not.

E-21      They were all baptized unto Moses through the Red Sea; they all followed that same Spirit Being, the Cloud and the Pillar of Fire. They all were led by the same Angel. They all come out by the same pastor. They all was baptized into the sea. They all eat of that spiritual Manna and that Manna was Christ. Christ coming down, the manna come down every night from heaven and perished here to sustain the people in their journey. And Christ come from heaven and gave His life, "that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish, but have Everlasting Life." Christ come down and became our Manna.
They eat of the same spiritual blessings. Therefore the Holy Spirit can fall right in amongst the people, and both Christian, and lukewarm, and half believers, and borderline believers will all eat the same. But that doesn’t mean it yet.
Oh, how I wished I had words, that I could drive this down and cinch it in the heart of every person here to see what a deep thing this is? It isn’t something to be played with. It isn’t just going to church.


       It’s a nervous age. What is it? Then I give this solemn warning to the Church: Stand still. God always commands to stand still before He does anything.
The churches is in a neurotic stage. Every church is a proselyting, and pulling, and fussing, and stewing. It’s a neurotic age. But stand still. Now, that’s the message.
Notice, Caleb here. The people had just come back, the spies, from over into the promised land. They was at Kadesh-barnea. And they had been brought through many trials and had seen the hand of God: A very beautiful picture of the Full Gospel church. And many of them had become discouraged, discouraged and upset because so many different isms and things has happened in the church. But that don’t take away the real thing. God’s calling His Church to halt. Stand still, don’t be jumping and running, not knowing what you’re doing. Come back to the Word. Come back to Christ.

E-18       Caleb… There was ten of the spies that come back and said, "Oh, it’s impossible for us to do it. Why," said, "their great places are walled. And they are giants in the land. We nearly looked like grasshoppers to the side of them. Oh, we are a failure; we can’t do it."
And of course, ten against two, they were outnumbered. But Joshua and Caleb took their stand and said, "We are more than able to do it."
But before Caleb, or Joshua could speak, Caleb had to still the people first, get them quiet. Stand still. Don’t be running here, and running there, and jumping at this, and jumping at that.
Now, what made Caleb so sure of it when the opposition was so great? It’s according to what you’re looking at. Caleb was looking at the promise of God. The other ten was looking at circumstances. If you go to look at circumstance, or to look what’s around you, you are sure to fail. But you must never look at what’s around you.

E-19       What if that man setting there looked at the opposition, by his boy there, a cripple in that chair? What if this nice, clean looking man setting back there in the wheelchair looked at the circumstances? What if the lady laying in that chair, leaning back, looked at the circumstances? What if this poor blind woman leaning on a shoulder of another thought of the circumstances? The doctor has tried. He’s failed. He’s a man, like I am, you are. And if you look at that, then you’re going to be a failure to begin with.
But the Christian doesn’t look at circumstances; he looks at the Word and stands still. God said so; that settled it. What if Abraham looked at the circumstances? If the doctor examined your heart… That kills more people than anything else. The doctor examined your heart and said, "You might drop at any time, you got a murmur." That’s true. If you look at that, then you’re–you’re–you’re defeated to begin with. Look what God said.