What if someone came up in the morning to your door, express agent, and throwed a whole basketful of rattlesnakes, and had your name on them. Said, "Here they are; they’re yours."
You know they’re there, just like you know your symptoms is there. If you receive them, they’re yours. But you don’t have to take them. You can say, "I don’t want them."
Say, "Your name’s on them."
Say, "I don’t want them. I won’t have them."
He can stand there and argue as much as he wants to. But until you take them and sign for them, they belong to the express company until you sign for them. Don’t sign for nothing the devil brings. You say, "There it is, though I refuse to have it." That’s right. "Take it back." Have nothing to do with it."
If you won’t testify that you’ve got it… When you testify you still have your sickness, the devil keeps it with you. But refuse to testify of it. Say, "I won’t have it. No, sir."

E-31       Oh, my. That’s when you’re getting faith. Give your faith a chance. Turn it loose; unbridle it; let it work. You’ve got it all bound down with traditions. Turn it loose; cut it loose. Let God have His way with you. Somebody’s word’s right, either what you’re looking at or what God says. God’s Word is true. Believe It. All right.
But the first time you testify of your sickness, it brings you right down to that realm again. You signed for it. Refuse to sign for it. Testify of what you believe.

E-32       When I had stomach trouble, so bad till even the doctors said there’s not…?… you. That was Mayo’s too. I accepted Him upon this Scripture. He’s the High Priest of my confession. I said, "I refuse to testify any more, nothing but what God says. I believe His Word."
Jesus died to heal us. Every one of you is healed. Every one of you is healed right now. Jesus has already healed you; you just have to confess it and believe it. That’s right. By His stripes you were (past tense) healed. That’s when He did it at Calvary. That’s when He overcome ALL SICKNESS AND SIN and all, at Calvary, for you. Just like a table set, it’s there. Only thing you have to do is go eat. You have to accept it, believe it in your heart, and confess it. And He’s the High Priest of your confession.
E-33       When I started to eat and swallowed the first mouthful… The doctor said, "One mouthful, if he eats, will be indigestion. Boy you’d die right now."
And I eat beans, and corn bread, and onions. Yes, sir. I took and I asked the blessing over it, and got it in my mouth, and chewed it up, and swallowed it.
Devil said, "You’ll die." And here it come right back up.
I held my hand over my mouth, swallowed it back again. I said, "No, sir. Huh-uh. I refuse. No, sir." Somebody’s right; either what my system said, or what God said. I’m looking to what He said.
E-34       I went out on the street, and the hot water running down my mouth soon as I… I was singing. I–I can, I will, I do believe that Jesus heals me now.
Someone said, "How you feeling?"
I said, "Wonderful."
"You healed?"
"How you feeling?"
"Anything wrong?"
"Nothing." And go… [Brother Branham illustrates–Ed.]… go back it again.
"How you feeling?"
"Are you healed?"
I stayed right with it day after day and week after week, and I was healed one morning. I believed Him. I took Him at His Word. Nobody ever cast it away from me, but the Word said so.
And the Word of God will defeat Satan any place, any time, anywhere, and on any condition. That’s right. That’s what it is; it’s God’s Word. "Heavens and earth will pass away, but My Word shall never fail." Believe It.